Wilshire Fashions is one of the most reputable fashion and clothing distribution companies in Canada. Established in the early 1990’s, Wilshire has been dedicated to building brands and relationships for over 20 years. What started as a small company handling only one brand, has evolved over time into the flourishing 20+ brand distribution company that you see today! From Paris to Copenhagen, New York to Los Angeles, Wilshire Fashions has certainly left its mark on the fashion world. Currently, Wilshire Fashions holds the exclusive Canadian distribution rights for many of the world’s high end fashion brands for Women, Men, and even children. These brands include: Wildfox Couture, Laundry By Shelli Segal, By Malene Birger, Doma, Tara Jarmon, and many more. With a devoted and enthusiastic team of fashionistas, we are extremely confident that we have all the tools necessary to take any brand to the next level. Wilshire Fashions has offices in both Montreal and Toronto, placing them right at the heart of the Canadian fashion empire.

Sofia Richie rocks Wildfox on the cover of Sweets Magazine! 14976443_10154804358211055_8476684742506456943_o

n the pages of the publication - which is an off-shoot of treats! magazine - she puts her youth on full display as the pictorial takes place at a roller rink.

 There is one look, however, that shows her mature side as she sports a silky white corset featuring floral embroidery on it
rowing up in the spotlight, Sofia Richie, daughter of Lionel and baby sister of Nicole, is a born-ready red-carpet professional. Whether she’s walking a red carpet in a prim cream blazer dress with her buttery blonde hair tied in a neat updo or attending a Fashion Week show in a midriff-baring top and slouchy jeans, the 19-year-old always looks more stylish, put-together, and chic than most people her age (and older.) Sofia has a unique style as she tries many things without being afraid to use it, now she is working on a new line which involves western style.
The thing with the Western trend is that it takes a delicate touch to pull it off. You don't want to wear the look from head to toe, lest people think you've run away from the set of Bonanza. We recommend incorporating just one or two elements at a time—like turquoise jewelry and a peasant blouse—to keep your look grounded firmly in modern times. Take it from us it's all about the mix. Adding a little bit of a Western vibe into your most basic fall and spring outfits (think jeans and sandals and pretty white dresses) is an easy way to look trendy without going overboard. Resultado de imagen para sofia richie cowboy boots
Cowboy boots are the defining piece that labels your look distinctly "Western." But even within the cowboy boots category, there is a huge range of style variation even for little kids, the Kids Western Wear has been on top of the trends of 2019. For the flashier gals -- fashion-forward countrywomen and barrel racers especially -- pointy-toed boots are extremely popular. Traditionalists -- like lots of horse show people -- prefer square-toed varieties (which are comfy and easy to ride in.)
The fashion cowboy boot category has exploded the past few years. High-end boot designers like Old Gringo have pioneered the genre with funky decorative styles and embellishment. At the more affordable end of the range are Corral or Laredo boots, which have similar looks. And for comfort, you can't beat Ariat (the designers are former Nike employees.)
Ahead, we've shopped out six essential elements of the new way to wear Western, from suede to fringe, classic cowboy boots and more.
Sofia Richie's name might be on everybody's lips, thanks to news of a bubbling romance with Scott Disick, but she's been around for a while. When you grow up with fashion influencer Nicole Richie for a sister, it's hard to avoid the spotlight. But Sofia embraces it with ease, maintaining a signature look that's all her own. Sofia's style can be defined as feminine meets grunge, accessorized to boot with key designer pieces. While she got her start modeling for Madonna's line Material Girl and covering magazines, she now sits front row at Fashion Week, hangs out with It girls from the #WangSquad, and makes flashy statements wherever she goes. Read on for 20 reasons we've got our eyes on her.
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