raffi_FINAL logoLauren Grossman, designer-owner of Planet presents a creative collection of women’s apparel which uses the finest fabrics. Lauren works with Irish¬†handkerchief linen, pima-cotton, matte jersey, washable vegan leathers, washed silk organza and nylon. The palette consists of soft hues of natural colors, such as moonstone, khaki, chambray and lots of white on white. Lauren combines modern fabrics with innovative textures to create a visually chic way of dressing using layers. The silhouettes¬†are architecturally inspired, which are angular and have an edge of sophistication. Together the fabrics and the body style enhance every woman’s figure. This lifestyle way of dressing is size-less, season-less and age-less. Comfort along with style is synonymous with Planet.

The brand’s fame lies in the family-run business’s reputation for comfortable creations that speak to a lifestyle of luxury. The secret ingredient of RAFFI luxury is a trend-setting, never duplicated ability to express garments in wonderful colors. Since his career’s start. Raffi has demonstrated an almost clairvoyant ability to forecast color, subtly using broad palettes of tone and texture to define the Shaya signature style.

By mining the brand’s vast archive, and carefully finessing its access to the finest mills and materials in the world, RAFFI repeatedly demonstrates its knack for creating statement-making looks throughout the year and across all its collections.