It all began when Stella, mad about fashion, met Thomas, a design fanatic. Stella isn’t simply interested in fashion – she and elegance have been firm friends since her earliest childhood. Descended from a Chinese Imperial family, she would watch as her grandmother dreamed up silk outfits and her tailor brought the visions to life. As a girl, she designed her own clothes on paper and her mother would make them for her. She heard her calling early in life. Stella and Thomas joined forces and Suncoo came into being in 2007 in Paris.


Stella finds inspiration in art, architecture, photography and travel. She designs her Suncoo collections by playing with trends, blending neo-romantic inspiration with soft-rock influences. Both knitwear and prints have become Suncoo signatures. Knits are decorated with patterns and a mix of colours and come in various combinations of fabrics. The prints stand out for their originality and colour. These are rich collections, combining the trendy and the essential.

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